We love the game. We love the game’s stories. And we love to tell those stories.

Bronx to Bushville seeks to feature the best baseball stories and the best storytellers, new and old, familiar and obscure. Part journalism, part analysis, part storytelling, BtB is a home for those who love the game and good writing.

Occasionally we may go off-topic, but we’re a baseball site run by baseball people for baseball people.

“My eyes aren’t what they were, but I only use these things for reading. I can still play ball without them,” is a quote from Rogers Hornsby, told to Dorothy Stull in 1956.


Dan Federico - Co-founder and Lead Partner
Dan Federico – Co-founder

Dan Federico is a co-founder of Bronx to Bushville after serving as the Editor-in-Chief for Outside Pitch MLB. Dan has bylines with Bleacher Report, Elite Sports New York, The Journal News and About.com, amongst others, and is in his third year as a full-time sports writer.

Jonathan Powell – Co-founder

Jonathan Powell became part of BtB’s triumvirate after embarking on yearlong introduction into digital sports media as a staff writer and managing editor of Outside Pitch Sports Network. Awarded regionally and nationally for his work as a collegiate journalist at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, Powell is currently pursuing his passion for longform, sports and fiction from the fresh shores of Cream City.

Brent Sirvio - Managing Partner/Co-Founder
Brent Sirvio – Co-founder

Brent Sirvio launched BtB after over two years as a staff writer, editor and executive in digital sports media. An award-winning collegiate journalist, Sirvio’s work at his personal blog and with Outside Pitch Sports Network (RIP) earned recognition and praise from a global audience. Sirvio holds a BA from the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point, an MA from Bethel University (MN) and lives in Eastern Wisconsin. Having closely followed the Brewers since 2000 and covered the Brewers since 2015, he is a member of IBWAA, SABR and welcomes followers on Twitter. Unapologetically rust belt.

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